Counseling Naviance


Our College & Career Readiness Platform (7-12)

Naviance is a comprehensive education, career, and life readiness solution that helps align a student’s strengths and interests to their post-high school plans. Naviance helps connect academic achievement to long-term goals—whether a student is applying to college, entering the workforce, or joining the military.

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The Naviance platform allows students to achieve readiness and answer critical skills and career questions, such as:

  • Who Am I?
  • What Do I Want to Be?
  • How Will I Get There?
  • Will I Be Successful?

Naviance Helps Middle School Students:

  • Discover their strengths
  • Connect their interests to careers
  • Set goals
  • Gain confidence in their plans
  • Explore different careers
  • Connect interests to career clusters
  • Hear from leaders in their field
  • Begin to imagine their own future

Naviance Helps High School Students:

  • Understand their unique strengths
  • Connect their interests to careers
  • Set goals
  • Develop self-knowledge and personal motivation
  • Understand college possibilities
  • Explore high school specific college admissions stats
  • Match to best-fit colleges
  • Identify ideal college majors
  • Connect interests to career fields
  • Identify best-fit careers
  • Learn from leaders
  • Plan for life after high school
  • Create a 4-year course plan
  • Stay on track to graduate
  • Meet academic college entrance requirements
  • Take ownership over their education

Naviance Resources

Career Assessments

Career Key is a career assessment for middle and high school students based on Holland’s interest codes. Career Key’s scientific matching system enables students to identify careers and college majors that match their interests, traits, skills, and abilities.

Career Exploration

Connecting students’ interests to their potential career paths early promotes active participation in their own academic success and opens their eyes to the wide world of career opportunities. The career planning tools in Naviance allow students to understand how their strengths, goals, skills, and interests can lead to exciting careers.

College and Career Preparation

Each student’s path is unique. Naviance allows students to create a personalized plan that helps them make the right decisions throughout their academic journey.

Community Service Tracking

Community service is an important part of personal growth. 

Course Planning

Naviance helps students develop academic plans that align with their interests and goals to keep them highly engaged in learning and invested in their own success. Schools and districts can simplify course planning and help students see how their plans today will impact their future. With Naviance Course Planner, a student’s Enlightium counselor can manage all course planning electronically. Students build course plans that meet graduation requirements and satisfy entrance requirements at colleges of interest.

Electronic Transcripts

Naviance allows counselors and advisors to electronically send student application-related forms, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, school profiles, and other resources to thousands of colleges and universities.

Self Assessments

AchieveWORKS assessments support a personalized learning approach to helping students understand their personality type, learning styles, and unique intelligence. Together, the assessments provide a comprehensive profile of students’ strengths and personal attributes that gives students the tools they need to take charge of their own learning.

Self Discovery

Students build confidence by trying new things, pursuing what they love, and learning from their missteps in a safe environment. Naviance is that safe place by helping students focus on their strengths, reflect on their interests and strengths, and explore a wide variety of career options.


Gallup research has shown that students succeed when they focus on what they do best rather than trying to improve on weaknesses. That’s the premise behind Strengths Explorer®, the Gallup strengths-based assessment in Naviance.

Test Preparation

Naviance provides test preparation solutions for the ACT, ACT WorkKeys, SAT, and Advanced Placement (AP) tests. Naviance Test Prep provides proven, game-based courses that help students to perform their best on test day. Naviance Test Prep is also seamlessly integrated with Naviance to help students be college and career ready, all from one place.