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Confidentiality of students is of the utmost importance at JCS. We are governed by the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA).

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JCS Admissions

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How Can I Enroll My Child?

Academy Programs

If you are interested in attending one of our academies, please contact the academy directly for details specific to their program.

JCS Cedar Cove
Serving TK-12 students in Encinitas, Coastal San Diego and Orange County
(760) 230-2870 | Cedar Cove Interest Form

JCS Manzanita
Serving TK-12 students in La Mesa and East San Diego County
(619) 303-4344Manzanita Interest Form

JCS Mountain Oaks
Serving TK-8 students in Encinitas, Coastal San Diego, and Orange County
(760) 632-4989 | Mountain Oaks Interest Form

JCS Pine Hills
Serving K-12 students in Temecula and Riverside County
(951) 719-2944 | Pine Hills Interest Form

JCS Pine Valley
Serving TK-12 students in Pine Valley and the San Diego back country
(619) 473-1300

Home Study Program

If you are interested in our home study program please contact us using one of the following three methods to begin the registration process:

Virtual TK-12

JCS LIVE Virtual
Serving TK-12 students in a completely online setting with LIVE and virtual instruction.

(760) 705-4JCS | JCS LIVE Virtual Interest Form

Enrollment Process

You will need the following documents to enroll either online or in person:

  • Immunization records
  • Parent/guardian proof of residency (NOTE: service address must be listed) 

Additional documents you will need for enrollment as applicable:

  • Custody paperwork
  • Suspension and expulsion
  • First grade health and dental form
  • Transcript (high school only)
  • Caregiver Affidavit
  • Shared Residence Affidavit 

You can fill out the online registration application after speaking with our Admissions Department. In order for your application to be complete, you will need to sign and upload the required documents. If you are unable to upload the documents, you can schedule an appointment to complete your registration on site and we will be happy to assist you. Please contact our registrars to schedule an appointment.

Once enrollment is complete, you will be asked to provide a birth record that documents your student’s age, such as a birth certificate, baptismal record, or passport. Additionally, once enrolled, you will be asked to provide a current copy of an IEP, 504 or Healthcare Plan as applicable. 

If your student has an IEP, 504 or Healthcare Plan, you may contact the Student Services Department to provide a copy of the most current document. 

SPED Department Contact Information

Student Services
(619) 795-6362 ext. 700137

504/Healthcare Plan Contact Information

Kristy Matthews
504/Disability Services Coordinator
(619) 446-9210