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While many professionals in education dream of working for an organization like JCS, we hire only those who truly understand and identify with our mission, vision, and values.

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We are a unique school serving approximately 2,600 K-12 students in 15 programs with multiple philosophies and pedagogical approaches spanning four counties. While many professionals in education dream of working for an organization like JCS, we hire only those who truly understand and identify with our mission, vision, and values. We are not your typical public school; To get our attention, don’t be a typical public school applicant.

Do you know how your individual experience and attributes fit in our programs? Do you understand the unique philosophies and approaches to education our programs utilize?

Your “interview” begins here…read all the important information on this page, and study this website thoroughly to understand our programs before applying for any opening. We look for passionate candidates who are truly interested in JCS and understand our unique programs and mission. Too often, we receive inquiries from “window shopper” applicants who simply “click to apply” and do not take the time to learn about what makes JCS a great school and how they may benefit the students we serve in an individual program. Those candidates don’t make it through our rigorous interview process.

Do you know your personal education philosophy? Are you a passionate life-long learner? Are you capable of “un-thinking” typical public education?

Job Openings

We post all of our current openings on EDJOIN.  There’s no better place to look for jobs in public education than EDJOIN, the premiere online education job site. Whether you’re hunting for a teaching position, management job or a classified support vacancy, chances are EDJOIN has just the right career for you.

  • JCS is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer


Because of the geographic dispersion of our programs and administration, JCS accepts applications for open positions only via our online applicant system, EDJOIN.  We do not accept faxed, emailed, or paper applications or application materials; it is required that all interested job applicants access and use the EDJOIN system.

Internal Candidates

Employees of JCS may apply for any current opening using EDJOIN.  We have a special internal candidate application on EDJOIN for our current employees to use when applying for new opportunities. Always select the “Internal Candidates Only” version of a job posting, and use the password provided by your supervisor or HR.

External Candidates

Please read the job posting and job description on EDJOIN thoroughly.  Nothing can more quickly end your opportunity to be seriously considered than evidence that you have not done your research!  Learn about JCS, our philosophy and programs, before you apply for a position.  

Important Reminder

A valid California teaching credential is required for all teaching positions.  Each job posting for teaching positions details which California teaching credentials are appropriate and acceptable for that specific position.  Additionally, all job candidates must have a recent tuberculosis test result (showing a negative result, within the past 6 months), and all academy-based positions require a current CPR certification. Please also pay close attention to each position’s requirements.

Inquiries About a Pending Application

It is not uncommon for JCS to receive over 200 applications for one position.  We make every effort to remain in contact with job applicants periodically throughout the recruiting process. However, we can not personally respond to every applicant or request. If, after review of your application and application materials, we desire to proceed to the next step of the recruiting process, you will be contacted. Once a decision has been made, all applicants for a specific position are notified via email.

Grade & Range Pay Structure

Benefits Summary (Effective July 1, 2015)

This is a summary of employee benefits offered by JCS, and is not intended to be a complete description of any specific benefit, nor a definitive explanation of eligibility.  See plan documents for specific details.