Counseling Dual and Concurrent Enrollment

Dual and Concurrent Enrollment

Specific steps to enroll a high school student in the following schools

General Steps to Enroll in Community College

  • Determine Eligibility: Ensure that the high school student meets the eligibility requirements for concurrent enrollment. High school students typically need to have a minimum GPA and will need approval from their high school counselor or principal.
  • Meet with a High School Counselor: The student should schedule a meeting with their high school counselor to discuss their interest in concurrent enrollment. Here are the classes at GWC that are recommended for high school students; this should give you a general idea of what classes are recommended at every school. The counselor can help the student determine which courses are appropriate and ensure that they meet high school graduation requirements.
  • Complete the Online Application:
  • Submit Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Form or CCAP form:
  • Register for Classes: Using the college’s online registration system, enroll in the desired courses for the upcoming semester. Ensure that the student is meeting any prerequisites and that the courses align with their educational goals.
  • Pay Tuition and Fees: Pay tuition and fees by the deadline. If the student takes the class during the school year, JCS may be able to reimburse the student. 
  • Purchase Textbooks and Supplies: Obtain the required textbooks and supplies for each enrolled course.
  • Attend Classes: Attend classes regularly and actively participate in coursework.
  • Stay Informed:Keep in touch with the high school counselor and college advisor for guidance and updates throughout the semester.
  • Complete the Semester: Successfully complete all coursework for the semester, including exams and assignments.
  • Once you have received your grade, send your unofficial transcript to your academic counselor so they can update your JCS transcript.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can take college courses, and get college credit, tuition is waived for HS students. 
  • The college credits you earn may help you fulfill both high school diploma and college requirements. 
  • You may have the ability to graduate from college earlier, saving you quite a substantial amount of money. Some students may even earn their Associates degree during high school!
  • It gives you the opportunity to take a class not otherwise offered. 
  • Beyond the subject matter itself, taking a college course exposes you to the environment of a college class, easing the transition between high school and college.

A concurrent enrollment form must be completed every term that you want to take a community college course.

Please note, although students are still young adults, enrolling in college courses means they are treated as college students in concurrent enrollment. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents higher education officials (Community college staff) from releasing any information to family, friends, or others (counselors) even if the student is a minor. I have no oversight on what is happening from the student side because colleges are unable to release any student information to us so I rely heavily on the student to let me know what is going on. Therefore, we encourage student empowerment and expect students to advocate for themselves by communicating with instructors and/or college staff.

You will be given a registration date and time so after submitting your authorization form, you will need to wait for that date and time to register for the class. 

Oftentimes professors allow students that are on the waitlist into the class, but you may need an “add” code that the professor will provide the day the class begins. 

You will need to reach out to the professor of the class for an “add” code to join the class. 

You should be able to find the professor’s email address on the registration page, specifically if you toggle over their name. 

In order to take Spanish II at the community college level, you either had to have taken two years of high school Spanish or Spanish I at the college level previously. 

Yes, in the University’s eyes for A-G requirements; foreign language is a part of the “E” requirement. The one semester of foreign language will earn you 10 high school credits. 

Yes, the one semester at a community college will satisfy your A-G “F” requirement. 

The student needs to click on the “My Records” tab at and download their unofficial transcripts. They should be able to right click or go to the top bar to act as if they are going to print the page. When the print screen comes up then select to save as a pdf instead of selecting a printer. They should be able to save it as a pdf and send it to me.

Not necessarily, but the community college determines which level high school students they allow. Talk to your academic counselor if you have specific questions. 

As a JCS high school student, you can take 2 community college classes per term.

Not necessarily; more often than not, you will be in a class with other college-aged students.  

JCS pays for the classes and materials for community college classes taken during the school year (Fall and Spring), but not during the summer. After taking and passing the class, please fill out this form and share it with your EF for guidance on reimbursement.

You can go to more than one community college but it is not recommended because when you are looking to apply to universities after high school, you will need to request and pay for all official transcripts. So even if you took only one class at a community college, you will have to pay to have that official transcript sent to the University as well. We recommend taking classes at a maximum of 2 different community colleges.

Well each community college might call high school students enrolling in their classes something slightly different. Typically, dual enrollment would mean that high school is teaching the college class on the high school campus, concurrent enrollment is the high school student would take the college class at the college campus and CCAP is a college-level class reserved for just high school students.

Classes to consider taking: Golden West College