LiLi-Ann Mooneyham

LiLi-Ann Mooneyham <br>(9/10/2021-6/30/24)

Hello, My name is LiLi-Ann Mooneyham. I’m married, have three children, and have lived in and around San Diego for most of my life. I have been a parent of children at JCS Manzanita for eight years and was the elementary and middle school parent representative on the school site council for several years. I was a music teacher at Lemon Grove Middle School for 11 years before becoming a private in-home music teacher and full time stay at home mom. I have a BA in Social Work from San Diego State University specializing in underserved communities. I enjoy teaching, cooking, art, reading, hiking and participating in tradition lion dancing. I’m grateful to have been elected to the JCS Board and hope to make our JCS community proud.